Helping Children

I help children work through challenging situations so that they can begin experiencing a better quality of life. If your child is struggling in some way, either at home or at school, I will partner with you and your child to identify the source of the problem and to offer solutions so things can start to get better.  If you’re trying to decide whether counseling is the right decision for your family, please see: When to Consider Seeking Counseling for Your Child.

Supporting Parents

Effective parenting is all about respect, collaboration, and cooperation.  If you and your partner or ex-partner are struggling to approach parenting in a unified way, I can help you to work through various sticking point and come up with a cohesive parenting approach.  Children need consistency and stability, and having parents who are on the same page will massively boost their sense of security and set them on a path to becoming stable and emotionally health adults.

Help is Available

If you would like to explore options for counseling for either you as a parent or for your child, I invite you to schedule a 15 minute no cost phone consultation to discuss individual counseling services and whether my approach to treatment might be a good fit for either you or your child.